A. Standard Smileys

ImageFilenameSmiley BBCode
angry.gif angry.gif >:(
anime.gif anime.gif ^_^
bigeyes.gif bigeyes.gif 8-)
bigsmile.gif bigsmile.gif :-D
bigwink.gif bigwink.gif ;-D
blue.gif blue.gif :blue:
boggle.gif boggle.gif O.o
confuse.gif confuse.gif :-?
cool.gif cool.gif B-)
evil.gif evil.gif >:-)
frown.gif frown.gif :-(
heart.gif heart.gif <3
irritated.gif irritated.gif :-/
laugh.gif laugh.gif X-D
lookleft.gif lookleft.gif <_<
lookright.gif lookright.gif >_>
neutral.gif neutral.gif :-l
saint.gif saint.gif O:-)
sleepy.gif sleepy.gif :zzz:
smile.gif smile.gif :-)
smile3.gif smile3.gif :-3
sneaky.gif sneaky.gif >;-)
star.gif star.gif :star:
surprise.gif surprise.gif :-O
sweatdrop.gif sweatdrop.gif ^^;
teeth.gif teeth.gif <G>
tongue.gif tongue.gif :P
wink.gif wink.gif ;-)
wink3.gif wink3.gif ;-3
worry.gif worry.gif :-S

(Note: These smiley images were custom-created for NBBC, and are covered under the same BSD-style open-source license as the rest of NBBC, so they may be freely used, reused, or modified for any purpose, subject to the terms of the license.)

Copyright © 2010, the Phantom Inker. All rights reserved.