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AR 15

Armalite 15

This is the standard weapon system for the military and home defense.

Building a AR15 system

You can build your own AR from unlimited resources from Sniper Hide or many other weapon system parts sites. For more intel on these systems, Contact me.

Scopes and Reticals

The most important part of your weapon system is your glass. Your glass should cost at least the same or double the overall value of your weapon system. You dont want a $2000 weapon system with a $100 scope. Having said that,You dont want to think like a democrat when it come to your personal protection.

Side Arms

Side Arms is also nessessary for CQB

This weapon system can vary. This piece can be a .22, .38, .40 or my choice, A .45 ACP.

If you dont get the option to take out your target from afar, Then it may come to this. If this punk has any kind of weapon on them, Then you need to be aware of their actions. Point blank or 30 to 40 feet away means a really bad day to whomever is on the buisness end of a .45 ACP. Or you also should carry a KBAR just in case your ammo runs dry. A KBAR is a 7" USMC battle knife that is extremly effective for CQB. Just ram it in and then give it a full twist. Game Over.